OptimusLogic is now the 1st Authorized Design Partner for Quicklogic Corporation’s chipsets & software


This marks an interesting global milestone for us with access to Quicklogic’s resources – EOS S3 chipset & the SensiML suite for creating Wearables & IoT Devices, with Edge AI.

We are now signed up with global customers for multiple turnkey product designs for Wearables with Sports & Health Analytics using Quicklogic’s chipsets and our product design skills.

Accurately Classify Sports Movements with Edge AI powered Smart Watch…We call it “The Sensei” .

Our sports watch is now in development. We call it “The Sensei” – It is currently learning sports actions all by itself using machine learning, and it is indeed a fast learner! Once it completes its learning to reach 90%+ accuracy, it will teach end users how to play well and be healthy! Watch this space for more updates…